Saturday, February 19, 2011


          When Rizal wrote the last farewell, mi ultimo adios Filipino's awake and become ribellios againts the colonizers. After the death of Rizal, we are now as a free country because He fight for us, although His way is the pen not a sword He continue His legacy to the Filipino's. Andres Bonifacio is the Hero to led the Katipunan had give a big tribute to the Philippine Independence, His way of fighting was the great success to the Filifino's.
During the time of our Hero Andres Bonifacio and Dr. Jose Rizal the Philippines  is not economically sufficient because of the colonizers, some were the victim of force labor, the Philippines Monopolies by the spanish tyrany.
     But if I were compare our hero I must say that I want to be a National Hero is Andres Bonifacio His way of fighting is different from Rizal. He is the true Hero Rizal's way of fighting is different to because He hide in other country. As the years go  by many changes in life will follow some of the Filipino become liberated in showing love, but I think as you in love you must fight for it you cannot wait for love.  As long as you are like Bonifacio and Rizal fight for the love of our country. We must appreciate every writing of the author and the Hero.

    Each of us has different personality, New Yorker in Tondo is the example of personality of the people.
We can go on to our life although some struggle in life goes by we can survive by prayer and through our faith in god.  Many Prisoners say's that they do not commit any crime which is true they are the only the victim of some malicious event in their life.  But some of them will suffer that was the life in the writings in isang dipang langit.

   We can get frustrated if something happen to us but as what Ive said that through prayer we can saved.
We can be a Hero in our own life. In riddles we can get some opinion we can use in our daily life. Some Folk songs can relate to our personal life. The myths is the beginning of everything in this world. Angels can make us happy when we are sad and we think the are beside us.  true love can set you free. You can find love anywhere. broken heart is the way to success! you must go on to your life no matter what.

    We can navigate to our own world as the time go by as the world around to its axis dont lost hope go and fight for it!!!!! Through dreaming we can be alive.  Mortal sins when we kill the child in mother's stomach.
because we didn't give a chance to them to live peacefully . The way we live is the way we are now.
When you say Manila we are imagine the beauty, the ligths, the tall buildings. We are  all know that Manila is the capital of the Philippines.  Many struggles find in here but as the true people we can easily manage how the life in Manila was.  We can realized that the life in the city i s not very easy to get as what we are imagining

    Juan de la Cruz is the example of true life in Manila, He is the victim of reality in life, he was also the victim of some malicious mischief, victim of being poor, victim of curiosity.
But Juan de la Cruz didnt stop fighting to his life. He continue but then as what I been saying he is  only a victim.

  I apreciated most the Literature.


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