Sunday, January 2, 2011

myths and reflection

A Lion was sleeping peacefully when he was woken by something running up and down his back and over his face.
Pretending to be still asleep, the Lion slowly opened one eye and saw that it was a little mouse.
With lightening speed the Lion reached out and caught the little mouse in one of his large paws. He dangled it by its tail and roared, “I’m the King of Beasts! You’ll pay with your life for showing me such disrespect.”
The Lion held the little mouse over his huge open jaws and prepared to swallow it.
“Please, please don’t eat me, Mr King of Beasts, Sir,” squeaked the mouse. “If you forgive me this time and let me go I’ll never, never forget it.”
“I may be able to do you a good turn in the future to repay your kindness,” it squeaked.
“You, do me a favour!” roared the Lion with laughter. “That is the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.”
Still laughing, the Lion put the mouse down on the ground and said; “You’ve made me laugh so much I can’t eat you now. Go on, off you go before I change my mind.”
The little mouse scurried away as fast as its little legs could go.
Not long after this the Lion was caught in a trap by some hunters. They tied him to a tree with rope while they went to get their wagon.
The little mouse was nearby and came when he heard the mighty Lion’s roar for help.
The mouse gnawed the rope with his sharp teeth and set the Lion free.
“I know you didn’t believe me, but I told you I could help you one day,” squeaked the little mouse. “Even a little mouse like me can help some one as big and strong as you.”
“Thank you my little friend. I won’t forget that lesson,” said the Lion as he ran away before the hunters returned.


  1. "No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted"

  2. we should not underestimate other no matter how small or big he/she is.

  3. ...if we still have the time to correct our mistakes we do it in right away. because nobody is perfect anyway.

  4. ...the mouse in this story tell us to be humble no matter what other done to us. it's better to be humble and gain the love of others than to be proud.

  5. the mouse know how to repay the favor given by the lion to him. in reality of life we should be good to others. and willing to help without asking anything in return.

  6. God created us equal ... so we should not underestimate others...

  7. don't underestimate the people who are weaker than us because we may need their help someday.

  8. don't judge a person by it's mistake

  9. when we help others we develop friends.

  10. do not underestimate small creature because we do not know that they can help us in their own little way that matter us the most.

  11. In this myth, we should not underestimate other we should be fair,remember God create us with purpose.

  12. We must be thankful in all the thing that surround us and we must done good to others so that in time that we also need a help there is someone who is willing to help us.We must have a gratitude to someone and repay all the kindness that others done unto us.